The landscape project

the space in Between


The Landscape Project is a playground and a conceptual art work in one and is built up out of different materials. Some artificial, some natural and most in between. Flowers, pigment, colour filters, plexiglass, robot insects, performers, walls. It triggers to engage with its materials: feel, touch, listen, smell and play.

The Landscape Project is a research on how a space can call for a non productive attitude towards its inhabitants - be they plant or human - and allow them for a state of slowing down.




I started this research during my Artist-in-Residence at WORM, Rotterdam in november 2017. An experiment to create an immersive experience with shape, colors, flowers and fluids in an installation and music composition. A different reality, called The Landscape Project.


THe Landscape Project #1 at Motel Mozaïque

I took this research further and created a 65 hour installation and durational performance for Motel Mozaïque 2018.

On the first of April I got the keys to a 330 m2 stripped former office-space and in a few weeks time I transformed the space into a Landscape for the Senses.


There were freakebana, buttoh and slime workshops as well as performances during the festival.


Santarcangelo Festival residency


To evaluate and research the effect on the audience of The Landscape Project I did an Artist-in-Residence, together with dramaturg Anne van de Wetering at Santarcangelo Festival.

The future of The Landscape Project #1; an Opera for the Senses’ in 2019…..